Day 72 – Review – Hard Wyred by Erik Bitmanis, Ross Zucco

Day 72 – Review
Hard Wyred
by Erik Bitmanis, Ross Zucco

Set in the not-so-distant future, the Internet has grown to the point where people now hook themselves up to it, and live out their lives without ever having to go back to the real world.

In this online world, we’ve created a world that depicts the future we have always imagined. Massively tall buildings that scratch at clouds, flying cars, amazingly quick transport. Sounds pretty great, huh? Well, one person doesn’t think so. And that would be our hero. Sam Wyerznowski.

Sam here, Sam was originally part of the creation of this online world. However, none of that matters to him now. Sam only wants to redeem himself in the eyes of his long term crush. Katie. Something that looks nigh impossible thanks to Sam’s previous interaction with her.

Not only that, but Sam has recently been on a leave of absence, or what some people are referring to as a “forced retirement.” This retirement was brought on by events completely in Sam’s control. And I mean completely.

Yet, when one of the research facilities of Sam’s previous employer, Ms. Teller, is attacked, she has no choice but to turn to the one person who can help her. That person was unfortunately unavailable, so now she is stuck with Sam. Can Sam shake off the rust in time to survive this whole ordeal? Will he get a shot to prove Katie his worth? Or is he about to discover the problem he’s stumbling into is much larger than he could have ever imagined? (Spoilers: it is!)

There’s one more chance to re-connect.

Hard Wyred is about a Sweeper in the future whose job is, it seems to be a cop of sorts for the Internet.  This issue just gets you up to speed in the world.  It’s kind of a typical story, one of the best in his field, forced to semi-retire after an accident.  Is dragged back into the business kicking and screaming when something happens and it’s his job to find out what.

I found the writing to be good and the story concept to be a interesting take.  Kinda like the Matrix.  The art is pretty good too, I think it would be better colored in but the BW look fits it well.

I got it free via a Instafreebie giveaway.  It is DRM free and available from the artist directly.

Hard Wyred ($1.99, DRM Free)

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