Day 73 – Review – Dancing with the Dead by Evan Grant

Day 73 – Review
Dancing with the Dead
by Evan Grant

The Arceneau House has always been shrouded in mystery, but after the disappearances, Allison Fisher has thought of little else. As a reporter, she sees it as her duty to get to the bottom of the story. Now that the estate is under contract and leaving the family for the first time, Allison has her chance. And after her recent tragedy, she wants nothing more than a return to normalcy. Little does she know, that nothing normal awaits her in the Arceneau House.

An old house, hundreds of years old, people are missing, stories abound, but facts are few and far between.  Allison is a reporter and she is bound and determined to get this story and elevate her career to the next level, it’s all she has left.  The owner of the mansion just wants to leave the mansion, city and state behind to retire to a nice warm beach with colorful drinks.

Allison is left alone in the house while the owner leaves to deal with some paperwork.  That’s when Allison’s day goes from bad to worse.  Snooping around alone in this mansion and the creepy factor skyrockets.

This was a pretty good ghost story by a new author.  I did find a few mistakes in the writing.  They refer to the Mansion as a Manse at one point.  But a Manse isn’t another name for a Mansion, it’s another name for a parsonage (or a house for a religious leader of a church). There was at least two other mistakes that I ran across.  But in all reality, 3 errors in a novella of this size is pretty good.  Better than I could do, and probably did in this review alone.

I can easily recommend reading this novella and give it a rating of 4/5.

Amazon ($0.99, DRM Free)

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